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David and Cheri Durdel
Traverse City, Michigan

    Welcome to the home of Highland Dalmatians and Ibizan Hounds!  "Highland" is our kennel name.  We use it to identify the dogs we own and have bred.  Think of it as our trademark.  Our site offers Dalmatian and Ibizan Hound breed information, links to many related sites, pictures of our dogs, and puppies and adults available for adoption.  Since we have many links on our site, it is easy to get away from us.  Please bookmark our page now so you can come back and visit us again!


Typical Dalmatian greeting...

Dave greeted by (L to R)  Hagar, Duncan, and Ozzie.
Dave with Hagar, Duncan and Ozzie

We breed quality Dalmatian puppies for conformation, temperament, and love.  We hope to be breeding Ibizan Hounds too.   We affectionately refer to the Dalmatians as "Spots" and the Ibizan Hounds as "Ears."  We got started in Dalmatians in 1991 when we adopted Bugaboo, our first companion male Dalmatian from Top Mark Dalmatians.  We immediately caught "spotted fever" and adopted our second Dal from Top Marks, this time a show quality female we named Roffe.  Unfortunately, Roffe got out of her kennel and was hit by a car a few days after her first birthday.  We had only shown her a few times and she never won any points, but she will always be a Champion show dog to us!  When we were ready for another Dal, we contacted Anne Fleming, Madurhason Dalmatians, in Memphis.  Anne graciously gave up a beautiful, outgoing little bitch to us and Highland Dalmatians was born.  Dixie was our foundation bitch.  Thanks to Anne we own, show, and love spotted dogs, all from the Madurhason line.  Our breeding program is centered around this line and also includes Aberdeen Dalmatians and Dakota Dalmatians.  

While not everyone is interested in showing their Dalmatian, we believe in breeding according to the Dalmatian breed standard.  Everything in the standard was put there for a reason and we want to keep the Dalmatian looking like and acting like a Dalmatian.  Since we have a limited number of litters, we are always happy to help you find the right puppy for you.  Before you fall in love with the first little spotted face you see, please take the time and effort to ask a few questions.  You may not find a breeder who fits 100 percent of your criteria, but you should not settle for less than one or two "wrong" answers.  Adopting a new puppy is like adding a new member to your family, hopefully for the next 10 to 15 years.  This is not the time to bargain shop!  Be prepared to spend between $800 and $1,000 for a well-bred pet puppy.  As responsible breeders, we do everything we can to avoid health and temperament problems by researching pedigrees and screening breeding prospects for inherited health problems.

Members:    Dalmatian Club of America,
                       Chicagoland Dalmatian Club,
                       Dalmatian Club of Greater Indianapolis,
                       Ibizan Hound Club of the US,
Owner Handler Association

Dalmatian Club of America   Chicagoland Dalmatian Club   Dalmatian Club of Greater Indianapolis   Ibizan Hound Club of the US   Owner Handler Association

In loving memory of our first
Top Marks Sir Bugaboo CD, CGC, TT, TDI
July 31, 1991 - March 19, 2004

Nugget and Picabo
Nugget and Picabo at five months old.


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