Top Marks Sir Bugaboo CD CGC TT TDI
Am/Can Ch. Madurhason's Top Marks of Fox x Mt. Bryton Fox's Lady Shasta
July 31, 1991 to March 19, 2004
Breeder:  Janeen Fox, Top Mark Dalmatians
Owner:  Highland Dalmatians

This is Kelly's tribute to my boy.  The poem will be published.  We are waiting on when.
I can't thank you enough kiddo!

Photo by Aunt Pam.

I just lost a special friend
Who meant a lot to me.
A true companion, always there,
He was a dog you see.

If I poured out troubles to him
It seemed he understood.
He'd lick my hand as if to say,
"I'd help you if I could".

He was so glad when I come home,
His tail would wag with glee.
I think he waited all day long
For one small pat from me.

He asked for little - gave so much
As at my feet he'd lay.
How much I miss him, no one knows
The ache is there each day.

Within my heart, I always know
That all good things must end
And I'm grateful for the memories
Sleep well my faithful friend.

Author unknown

Baby "Bugaboo" and Dad

Bugaboo started our spot craze!  He was our obedience dog and finished his Companion Dog (CD) title with scores of 182 1/2, 191 and 186.  He loved jumping, retrieving, and agility.  But, Bugaboo was best known for being a "ma-ma's" boy!   He may be gone, but he will never be forgotten.  Thank you Janeen for allowing us to have this wonderful boy in our life.

Bugaboo's titles consist of:
Companion Dog (Obedience Title)
CGC (Canine Good Citizen)
TT (Temperament Tested)
TDI (Therapy Dog International)

Second Place - New Title   
Backpack Bugaboo

1999 poster pause
Bugaboo's stop smoking campaign  for Michigan Schools.

   Bugaboo Fudd

Thanks Aunt Pam for the beautiful photo!

"Sleep well my faithful friend"

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