Buyer be Aware!!

Questions to Ask Prospective Breeders...

Following are a few questions that will help you distinguish between a responsible breeder and a back-yard breeder or puppy mill.

  1. How long has this person been breeding Dalmatians?  Is the breeder knowledgeable about raising puppies, critical neonatal periods, proper socialization techniques?  Puppies that are raised without exposure to human contact and a wide variety of noises and experiences, or are taken away from their mother and littermates too soon (before 7 weeks) may exhibit a wide variety of behavioral problems.

  2. Is this breeder knowledgeable about the breed?  Is the breeder involved in showing their dogs in conformation or performance events?

  3. Is the breeder a member of the Dalmatian Club of America, a regional Dalmatian Club, or a local kennel club?  If so, they have to abide by a code of ethics.  It requires them to be conscientious and honest.  Most clubs have entrance requirements and home/kennel inspections.  You can be assured that these breeders are not "back-yard breeders" or "puppy mill" operators.  They usually have more experience and have access to more information on their breed.  Ask to see a copy of the club's code of ethics.

  4. Have both the dam (mother) and sire (father) been BAER (Brainstem Auditory Evoked Response) tested for hearing?  Have the pups been BAER tested and the results discussed with you?  Responsible breeders are more then happy to provide a copy of the dam and sire's BAER tracing.  They will provide each puppy buyer with a copy of their puppy's BAER tracing.

  5. Do both the dam and sire have OFA (Orthopedic Foundation of Animals) hip and elbow clearances?  While hip dysplasia is not a wide spread problem with this breed, due to their highly physical nature, it is always best to choose a pup who's parents are x-rayed clear of hip dysplasia.  Dogs must be 2 years old in order to have OFA certification.  Any dog bred before 2 years of age, cannot have an OFA clearance.

  6. How old are the dam and sire?  No female should be bred before her third season (approximately 1 1/2  - 2 years old).  Males should not be used at stud before 1 year old.   Final hip clearances cannot be obtained before the age of two years.  If the dam or sire are younger than 1 year of age, ask why they were bred.


  7. Does the breeder provide a written health and temperament guarantee?  DO NOT buy a puppy without a written health and temperament guarantee.


  8. Will the breeder be available to answer any questions you might have for the life of your dog?  Responsible breeders want to keep in touch throughout the life of their dogs.


  9. Are all companion pets (non-show quality dogs) required to be spayed or neutered?  A breeder who cares enough about their breed to insist on this is likely to be a responsible breeder.

  10. Can the breeder tell you anything about the parents and grandparents of the pups?  A puppy is more than the product of its two parents.  Health and temperament traits trickle down from ancestors.  A responsible breeder takes this into account when breeding a litter of pups.

  11. Will the breeder take the dog back at any time for any reason NO QUESTIONS ASKED?  This is the hallmark of responsible breeding and the best way to make sure rescue is obsolete.

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