Highland's High Voltage of JDM CGC
Ch. Madurhason's In Th' Catbird Seat x Ch. Highland's Warrior Princess
March 24, 2002
Breeder:  Highland Dalmatians
Owner:  Rae Breternitz

Left to right...Marshall, Rae, Dyllon, and Jess

Rae with Marshall and Dyllon                                   Movie time at the Breternitz home.

          I love my brother Marshall and my brother Franklin.

Baby Dyllon with his new Mom, Rae.

Hi, my name is Dyllon.  Thank you for checking out my page.  I live in Midland, Michigan with my mom and canine friends Jess, Marshall, Franklin and Forrest.  I'm in obedience training right now and hope to be in competition by this spring.  I think it would also be fun to try agility, and maybe even tracking.  When I'm at home just hanging around I like to play with my feline friends as well as my canine friends.  I also like to cuddle up with my mom on the couch, or on our bed, and watch TV.  She says I'm a great cuddler.  I also like playing in my back yard and going to obedience class.  I especially like it when we go somewhere with lots of people who like to spoil me.  I have to admit, I'm an attention ham.

      More to come!

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