Faith x Dylan Litter

Eight weeks old

Meet the "number" litter...

Charlie now known as Piper (Highland's Charmed One) is staying here with us


Victor now known as Dalton (Highland's Double Deuce)

with his new Dad and Mom, Ollie and Kris Wagner of Gobles, Michigan

Zulu now known as Lucy (Highland's Second Time Around)

with her new Dad and Mom, Tony and Diane Grobbel of Shelby Twp., Michigan

Bravo now known as Morgan (Highland's Five Alarm Fire)

with his new Mom and Dad, Kay and Joe Barrens of Troy, Michigan

Sierra whose name will stay Sierra (Highland's Little One)

with her new Dad and Mom, Wes and Cindy Lamont of Saginaw, Michigan

Kilo now known as Lucy (Highland's Two Dot Too)

with her new Mom and brother, Letitia and Mathew Warren of Allen Park, Michigan

Whiskey now known as Howie

with his new Mom and Dad, Amy and Dan Smith of Fargo, North Dakota

Foxtrot now known as Rocky (Highland's Par Four)

with his new Dad and Mom, Jamie and Holly Kaatz of Kimball, Michigan

Romeo whose name will stay Romeo (Highland's Once in a Blue Moon)

with his new Mom, Dad and brother, Sarah Mitchell, Vinnie and Louie of Rock Hill, South Carolina

Oscar now known as Ike (Highland's Five Star General)

with his new Dad and Mom, Jeff and Kim Schmidt of Keego Harbor, Michigan