Ozzie's kids...

Ch. Highland's Flying High Again TT "Ozzie" BISS Ch. Aberdeen's Sawyer Brown (L) "Sawyer" BISS Ch. Madurhason's Yazoo "Bo" Ch. Madurhason's e.e.
Cummings (L)
Ch. Madurhason's Edinburgh
Ch. Aberdeen Measure for Measure "Juliet" Ch. Madurhason's Aberdeen (L) "Zeke"
Ch. Madurhason's Delilah "Lila"
Ch. Highland's Warrior Princess "Zena" Ch. Madurhason's Opening Night "Zack" BIS/BISS Ch. Fireman's Freckled Friend "Spotty"
Madurhason's Amy Lowel (L)
Ch. Madurhason's Windemere Delta "Dixie" Ch. Madurhason's Look of Eagles (L) "Archie"
Ch. Madurhason's Mildred Pierce "Millie"
Ch. Patch Mtn C Pepper N Paisley TD "Carina" Ch. Paisley Pragmatic CGC Ch. Firebuster's Comic Relief Am/Can Ch. Firebuster's Oscar Dia Renta
Ch. Fiacre's First Alert (L)
Ch. Paisley Snowood Family Ties Am/Can Ch. Snowood Optimist Cherry Coke (L)
Am/Can Ch. Snowood Optimist Flashdancer
Ch. Paisley Patchmt Amazing Grace CD NA Ch. Matrix Paisley Silent Knight Ch. Paisley's Hail to the Victors (L)
Ch. Matrix Paisley Fanfare
Ch. Paisley Paradigm Am/Can Ch. Long Last Perfect for Paisley CD
Ch. Paisley N Tucks Eureka (L)


Walker (pictured at 6 months)
owned by Pat Pile

Tater at 10 weeks and grown up
owned by Danielle Gayman