Highland's In Through the Out Door
Ch. Dakota's Potions Master x Ch. Highland's Charmed One
Born:  September 17, 2011
Breeder/Owner:  Highland Dalmatians

13 weeks

8 weeks                                                                                              7 weeks

new born

Ch. Dakota's Potions Master "James"

Ch. Dakota’s Wingardium Leviosa (L)  "Winger"

Ch. Dakota’s Crossfire "Ready"

Ch. Dakota All That N Then Some CD, RE, NA, NAJ, NAP, NJP, OA, CGC (L)

Ch. Aberdeen's Twilight Time "Twyla"

Ch. Aberdeen’s Back To The Future (L)
Ch. Hi-Flyer Salem of Aberdeen
Ch. Highland's Charmed One "Piper"
Am/Can Ch. Cranbrooke Special Delivery "Dylan"
Am/Can Ch. Prince Harts "Angus"
Cranbrooke Talk of the Town "Rikki"
Ch. Dakota's Faithfully Yours "Faith"
Ch. Highland's Red Rocker
(L) "
Ch. Dakota Tell Tail Heart