Piper x James Litter
Born:  September 17, 2011

Four week old photos

At four weeks old, Mom is getting really tired of us.  We are starting to spend time in the puppy pen in the dinning room.  We are only sleeping with Mom
and spending days with her.  We are getting very adventurous!

Rockstar - pink collar (black female)


Amp - green collar (black male)


Monster - royal collar (black male)


Jolt - lt. blue collar (liver male)


Hype - lime collar (black female)


RedBull - red collar (black male)


Mom, it was so much easier when you laid down...

Mmmm...this tastes a lot like chicken!

Mom's lap is a great place to crash!

A crate isn't a bad place either.  Neither is Aunt Judy's lap!

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