Piper and Jonathan
had 10 puppies April 18, 2009.

After over 24 hours of labor with no contractions, Piper had 10 puppies by c-section.  She had 7 girls and 3 boys.
Eight black spotted and two liver spotted puppies (both girls).

Piper with her litter by Jonathon Piper with her litter by Jonathon at 6 weeks old
                       New born                                                                                                Six weeks old

Graphic photos of the c-section

Newborn mug shots                    One week old photos

Two week old photos                    Three week old photos

Four week old photos                    Five week old photos

Six week old (stacked) photos                    BAER Photos

Seven week (stacked) photos                    Eight week old photos with our new families.

Potter, Abby, Daisy, Isaac, Coach, Juno, Kik, Norah, Liberty, Roxi

See video of the puppies on YouTube:  One week old puppies and Hungry Puppies (turn the volume down before watching this video!)

Piper's pregnant belly at 31 days, 39 days and 52 days!

Piper's x-ray at 57 days.  We counted 9 but had 10!
Don't look too closely, it's even harder to make them out. 


Ch. Bret D Sentry's Ringmaster "Jonathan"
Multi BIS/BISS Ch. Bret D Sergeant Major "Major"
Ch. Monarch Snow Hill Aces High "Marlin"
Ch. Bret D Spotlight On Snow Hill "Spotlight"
Ch. Monarch's This Could Be Magic (L) "Minnie"
Ch. Snow Hill Tabasco (L)
Ch. Snow Hill Reigning Monarch
Ch. Highland's Charmed One "Piper"
Am/Can Ch. Cranbrooke Special Delivery "Dylan"
Am/Can Ch. Prince Harts "Angus"
Cranbrooke Talk of the Town "Rikki"
Ch. Dakota's Faithfully Yours "Faith"
Ch. Highland's Red Rocker
(L) "
Ch. Dakota Tell Tail Heart 

See Piper's pregnancy calendar.


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