A Puppy's Life...

This is an ultra sound done at 28 days.

Mom, moments before delivery...

This is puppy being born.  It is a breach birth (the pup is coming out hind feet first).

This pup is still in the sack.  Within second of being born mom will open the sack and clean the pup.

A new born litter of pups

           Relaxing with Mom      

Dalmatian pups are born all while with no spots unless they have a patch.

The puppy on the left has a tail patch.  The pup on the right has an ear patch.

This pups has two ear patches. 

Here you can see a new born puppy's spotted skin.  Notice that the fur is not spotted.
The spotted fur comes in at about 10 days old.

A one week old puppy.  A two week old puppy.

 And three week old puppy.

A newborn puppy's ears are sealed.  Here is a two week old ear.  And finally a three week old 'open' ear.


  New born puppy        3 week old puppy        4 week old puppy


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