Champion Paradise's No Highland Fling SC, FCh.
May 21, 2006 - February 25, 2013
Ch. Paradise-Ahram Lose Yrself In Me x Special Acres Image of a Winner JC
Breeder:  Lisa Puskas,
Paradise Ibizan Hounds
St. Petersburg, Florida
Owners:  Cheri and Dave Durdel and Lisa Puskas

Our hearts are breaking over the sudden and unexpected passing of Tango.

Not only did Tango finish his ASFA Field Championship on October 10th, on Sunday, the 11th he was first place in his class of Field Champions! 

Tango goes lure coursing for the first time!

       Click here to watch a video of Tango (in the blue jacket) coursing!

New Champion!
Tango finished his championship his fifth weekend of showing by winning the breed
for his fourth major and making a cut in the group at the Saginaw Valley Kennel Club
show April 7th!  Thank you Judge Rhoda Winter Russell.

5 point major win second weekend out!

  • Tango's first weekend in the ring got him two major wins and seven points!!
    Thank you Judges Christopher Neale and Mary Ann Alston.

  • On his second weekend out, he added a five point major to his resume!
    Tango won the breed over specials at the Oakland County Kennel Club show
    on his eight month birthday!  Thank you Judge Barbara Alderman.

  • His third weekend out, he won the breed again at the International Kennel Club show
    in Chicago on February 24 and also received a Puppy Group 2!

  • Tango's fourth weekend out was Beezerfest.
    He was Reserve Winners Dog two of the four days to BIG majors!

   Three point major win first time in the ring!                             Four point major win second time in the ring!

Click here for Tango's pedigree

Doesn't he look like a talk show host?

We had been considering a second breed for a long time when we were introduced to an Ibizan (pronounced ĭ-bee-than) Hound, named
Bunny (BIS BISS Luxor's Playmate of the Year).  It was love at first sight!  Years later, hoping for a Bunny puppy that didn't materialize, we contacted
Lisa Puskas, Paradise Ibizan Hounds, for a pup.  The next week Tango flew in!  Thank you Lisa for trusting this gorgeous 'little' man to us!

Tango's first morning at home.

Tango's been with us a year on August 19, 2007!
In an attempt to re-create his first morning home, we present the following photos...

August 20, 2006 and August 18, 2007

13 weeks                                                          15 weeks
Tango made his match debut at 15 weeks old and pulled off a Group 3!

                   2 weeks old                                            7 weeks old                                   8 weeks old

Stats: (at 2 years)
Color:  Red and white
Hearing:  BAER Bi-lateral
CERF:  Normal
Height:  27 5/8"
Weight:  61#

Member:  Ibizan Hound Club of the US

Want to read up on the Ibizan Hound...check out the Ibizan Hound Club of the United States web site.


What a face!

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